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China Brazil Economic Complementarily Bring Great Investment Opportunities

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China Brazil Economic Complementarily Bring Great Investment Opportunities

Brazil, Latin America s largest independent investment BTG Pactual Bo trillion asset management business, Mr. Tang (Persio Arida) recently pointed out that the economic complementarity between China and Pakistan in various fields between the two countries will bring tremendous investment opportunities in China for business for the institution of great strategic significance. As Brazil s best asset managers in Brazil Pictet Asset Management 300 billion.

In 1995 as the Central Bank of Brazil, Bo Zhao Teng admitted that Brazil is in preventing currency appreciation to reduce the country risk issues, faces a dilemma. 

Chinese market is extremely important 

Business opportunities in Brazil is significantly increased, Brazil has chosen this time hundreds of overseas markets including China, expand their business, whether investment banking or asset management business. 

Chinese market in Brazil is concerned, indeed vital strategic significance, but want to develop business in China is mainly associated with Brazil, including the field of Chinese enterprises in the Brazilian economy investment, asset management companies on the Brazilian debt and equity involved in the wider. 

Investment in listed companies in Brazil, debt, private equity, real estate and other fields. Of course, including energy resources, infrastructure and agriculture complement each other because of the economic resources Pakistan has great potential in the industry. 

Agriculture, for example, China s population accounts for 20 of the world, arable land is only 3 of the world; Brazil, on the contrary, accounting for about 3 of world population, arable land accounts for nearly 20 of the world. In addition, the Brazilian industry needs infrastructure development in China s capital and technology; and vast natural resource reserves, Brazil will also meet as a big energy consuming country, China s needs. 

In addition to complementary, the you that Pakistan s economic and social development stage of the similarity between the two countries also contribute to economic and trade, finance, investment and cooperation, China and Pakistan in the social and economic aspects of significant similarities. For example, the development of the powerful middle income groups, diversified economy and the area between the two countries in international economic status and the overall interests of the similarity. 

To participants in the global economy in terms of this capacity, Brazil has some can promote bilateral economic and trade and financial cooperation and unique advantages. These advantages include a high degree of rule of law and open economic environment, credit and reputation for attention and maintain strong and stable economic growth. 

There is difficult to avoid currency appreciation 

How to look at the Brazilian stock market s outstanding performance in 2009, the Brazilian economy, Brazil will face the future compared to other countries, investors, stock investors, the lower the degree of leverage. Reason is that Brazil s interest rates are still high, the relative lack of loans. 

For Brazil is to avoid excessive appreciation of the currency has been a major challenge. Brazil s monetary policy with floating, semi free conversion of its currency may be, the interest rate is also high. Under these conditions, to prevent currency appreciation to reduce the country risk, the only way is to build external savings. But because high domestic interest rates, high external cost of ownership savings. This is no simple way to solve the problem, or let the currency continue to appreciate, or due to external savings overall debt burden facing greater pressure. Fortunately, Brazil s debt GDP ratio is low. 

In Copenhagen last year, Brazil is the BRIC the spokesman, after or during the G20 summit BRIC published proponent of the Declaration of Independence. Does this mean that the booming economy in Brazil hope to also have access to more international voice? 

Brazil is Latin America s largest economy, its GDP than the sum of Mexico and Argentina also high. Brazil also has the largest population in Latin America and the most developed financial markets. Therefore, on behalf of Brazil, other Latin American economies are often expressed his views is not surprising. 

The international arena, I believe the world is undergoing major re balance, compared to developed economies, emerging economies have demonstrated more vigor and vitality, its power grows. In this case, Brazil and other major emerging economies than in the past have more natural voice.

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