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Buried-Alive Chickens Exposed in Shocking Undercover Investigation of Nation’s Second-Largest Producer

  After watching Pilgrim’s Shame: Chickens Buried Alive, it’s tough to decide which is more disturbing—the combination of physical abuse and inhumane killing of chickens or the murderous mentality ... Full story

Why is US Military Pushing K-12 Students to Build Drones in Dayton?

As a journalist and researcher, I’ve spent the last several years investigating the expanding network of links between public education and the U.S. military. With ... Full story

Prevent theft from being the story of your vacation with these security tips

(BPT) - Your school days are finished and that summer vacation is within your sights. This year you’ve planned the trip down to the last ... Full story

Fox Host Yells At Michele Bachmann For Trying To Sue Obama: ‘You’re Being Silly’

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto blasted Republicans on Wednesday for preparing to file a federal lawsuit challenging the executive actions of President Barack Obama. During ... Full story

The Choice About What To Do In Iraq Just Got Even Harder

Reports on Wednesday indicate that warplanes may have finally begun bombing militant positions deep within Iraq, two weeks after major cities first fell from Iraqi ... Full story

The Supreme Court Finally Starts To Bring Privacy Into The 21st Century

      As of yesterday, America’s Fourth Amendment law was an antique. It was the legal equivalent of trying to solve complicated differential equations with an abacus. ... Full story

Networks Defeat TV-Streaming Service Aereo in Supreme Court

          WASHINGTON (CN) - Aereo, a service that lets subscribers watch broadcast television online, infringes on the copyrights owned by the networks, the Supreme Court ... Full story

New York Will Finally Allow Medical Marijuana, But Not If You Smoke It

New York will likely become the 23rd state to enact a medical marijuana law after legislation passed the state legislature on Friday. Gov. Andrew Cuomo ... Full story

Webinar: Four Key Secrets to Getting People to Attend Your Webinar or Teleseminar

Teleseminars and webinars are great for connecting with your target audience, but only if people actually show up. So how do you get people to ... Full story

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