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What You Need To Know As The U.S. Begins Bombing In Iraq

The United States on Friday morning announced that it had launched the first in a series of promised airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq ... Full story

Conflict Resolution 101: Talking with Hamas

The world awaits with bated breath to see if the interim truce negotiated by US Secretary of State John Kerry will lead to a long-term ... Full story

Suspicious Prescriptions for HIV Drugs Abound in Medicare

The inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services finds Medicare spent tens of millions of dollars in 2012 for HIV drugs ... Full story

Teen Allegedly Sexually Assaulted At A Concert As People Watched And Filmed Her

  On Saturday night, a 17-year old teen was allegedly assaulted at a Keith Urban concert on the lawn of the Xfinity Center in Boston, while ... Full story

Spanish Soldier Who Penned a Best-Selling Novel About Military Corruption Gets Jail Time

Luis Gonzalo Segura, a lieutenant in the Spanish Army with almost 12 years of service, was fed up with seeing all sorts of corruption within ... Full story

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