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Break up Alert: 5 Steps to Keep Away From the Drama

When we talk about break ups and mending your broken heart, of course, it involves a lot of various tips, such as how to know ... Full story

Silent Starbucks And The Pumpkin Spice Latte Problem

Typically, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer on our calendars, as we begin to put away the bathing suits, summer dresses, and sandals ... Full story

The Best Argument EVER In Support Of Sunscreen: VIDEO

Most people know that the sun damages skin. This damage can lead to freckles, wrinkles, sun spots, or even cancer. Of all the skin cancers, ... Full story

New York: Wedding Venues Cannot Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples

The New York State Division of Human Rights has ruled that a wedding venue was in violation of the law when it refused to host ... Full story

When It Comes To Relationships, Ignorance Is Marital Bliss

  // Image: ... Full story

Middle-Aged Women Missing Passion (And Sex) Seek Affairs, Not Divorce

Sydney McKinley, American Sociological Association Public Information Office When middle-aged women seek extra-marital affairs, they are looking for more romantic passion, which includes sex — ... Full story

How the stress of playing chess can be fatal

Thedeath of a chess player in the middle of a match at the world’s most prestigious competition may have shocked those who view the game ... Full story

6 Sleep Secrets For Your Best Beauty Rest

The medical community has become increasingly aware of the importance of a night’s worth of quality sleep as more research unfolds itself into the watchful ... Full story

The Truth About Low-Carb Diets

The Truth About Low-Carb Diets // ... Full story

School Vending Machine Bans Don't Always Change Kids' Diets

// Image: Vending machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... Full story

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Arslan Siyal

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