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Everyone With A Peanut Allergy Should Avoid Cumin: FDA

Everyone With A Peanut Allergy Should Avoid Cumin: FDA   Undeclared food allergens, such as peanuts, milk, wheat, eggs, tree nuts, soybeans, fish, and Crustacean shellfish, are ... Full story

Your Chipotle Burrito Is Packed With Calories [GRAPH]

Your Chipotle Burrito Is Packed With Calories [GRAPH]   With over 1,600 stores throughout the United States, Chipotle has become one of the defining chain restaurants in ... Full story

Omnivores vs. Herbivores: How Meat Affects Our Health

  In meat-loving America, vegetarians are still trying to find their footing on the kitchen table. They’re usually viewed as the all-stars of health and gurus ... Full story

What's Really In Your Yougurt? Cornucopia Yogurt Buyer's Guide

Want to see what is really in your yogurt? Go here to see the whole score card for over  100 brands. Cornucopia Yogurt Buyer's Guide   ... Full story

Starbucks Debuts Coconut Milk That Isn’t Coconut Milk

[NOTE: For more information on the inflammatory properties of the food ingredient carrageenan, visit] Rebooted Body by Kevin Geary In an attempt to appeal to the ... Full story

Ice Cream Giant Announces Plans to Stop Using Milk From Cows Treated With Artificial Hormone rBST

Breyers ice cream has announced that they will not longer use milk from cows treated with the controversial, artificial growth hormone called rBST. Health issues ... Full story

10 Reasons We Stay In Dysfunctional Marriages

  How do we know if we should stay or leave a marriage? Based on my personal experience and the feedback I have received from people ... Full story

Huckabee Compares Accepting Gay Marriage To Asking A Jew To Eat Bacon

Presumptive presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (R) has a long history of opposing LGBT equality, and he proved Sunday morning that his basic understanding of what ... Full story

Chipotle Founder: McDonald’s Chicken Farm Was the ‘Most Absolutely Disgusting Thing’ I’ve Ever Seen

Stories about Chipotle’s tumultuous relationship with McDonald’s have surfaced. But a recount of the CEO of the burrito chain's visit to a McDonald's-operated chicken farm ... Full story

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