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Playing It Smart When Dating On The Internet

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Playing It Smart When Dating On The Internet

Speak about cyber dating to all your social circle and more than likely you will receive plenty of advice telling you to not even think about it. They'll tell you about stories they've heard on television in which some person was cheated out of their lifesavings or assaulted bodily or even worse.

And to be fair they are correct. There are way too many people who misrepresent themselves in the virtual universe. Staying anonymous is one of the major drawbacks of being on the web so for the most part it comes down to the honor system. You take people at their word and hope they are telling the truth. For the most part the majority are telling the truth but let's face it, there is a huge percentage that is not being candid.

However the people in your social circle are only giving you half the story. Most dates that end tragically begin in the off line world. In many instances both parties know each other quite well before even deciding to go out.

The point is no matter where you meet a person it is essential to practice common sense and basic safety. When it comes to dating online that means:

1. Record Check out

The dating website you sign up to really should have some type of security feature in place so you have a pretty good idea who you're interacting with as well as what you are getting into. Even so don't leave it up to the cyber dating website to do all of the checking. You can do some detective work on your own. For example put your web date's name in any search engine and find out what comes up.

2. Do not Ignore The Warning Signs

Some people walk straight into trouble. A part of it is due to the other person being very dishonest in their answers when it comes to the way they present themselves. But frankly a lot of it is really about not paying attention to the actual red flags. Many of us every now and then only see and hear what we want to see and hear.

Case in point over and over again it's pointed out to cut off all contact with any individual needing money nevertheless almost daily somebody gets swindled out of their life savings. A slight pull on the heart strings and all logic not to mention common sense fly out the door. No matter just how delightful the chats can be it is very important to exercise a sufficient amount of detachment in order to evaluate meticulously what is being talked about.

3. Don't Rush

After a handful of chats where both persons hit it off there is a temptation to want to rush the process along. Each of you enjoy a lot of the exact same things and yes it all feels so good so why not take this offline right now?

The reason why not is the two of you are for the most part still strangers to one another. A very good con artist understands a few well timed agreements can have the other person begging for an off-line hookup.

On the other hand if they are con artist then they are likely to grow indignant with anyone who's moving along at a leisurely speed. A good connection usually takes time to develop therefore remaining patient will not only bear fruit in that direction but in addition boost the odds of filtering out those who don't mean you any good.

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