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Could Personal Websites Be The Future of Online Recruiting?

There was a time when everyone wanted a "personal" page. Somewhere that they could post their thoughts, ideas and much more with the world. That ... Full story

Chart of the Week: Businesses Are Ready to Hire More Americans Now Than at Any Point Since 2001

Six years after the financial crisis, America’s resurgence is real and beginning to touch more and more lives across the country. As the President said, ... Full story

How to Survive the Politics of the Workplace 12 Things Every Ambitious Person Should Know

The workplace will present you with some of your greatest battles and life lessons. Forget reality TV shows like Survivor; the workplace is one of ... Full story

Top 5 Mistakes Unhappy Employees Make

  Reason for unhappiness could be anything personal or professional, but if you are not happy, then you won't be able to concentrate at your work, ... Full story

10 Most in Demand Jobs of the Future

  Some professions offer a good pay package as well as challenging and exciting environment. You need to check out the following 10 most needed jobs ... Full story

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Melissa Vokoun

After 30 years' experience in communications and management, Melissa Vokoun is currently the Human Resources Manager at a growing dental laboratory in Naperville, IL, LSK Oral Prosthetics. She is adding to her growing list of management and human resources articles that are poised to help small businesses successfully grow. She can be reached at or 630-955-1010.