The 3 Fascinating Myths About Websites


We all know that websites are a very powerful source of different information. It is a fact, but there are still a lot of things that we don’t know about the things going on through the web. There are a lot of stuff about it that we think we are aware but, as a matter of fact, we don’t. Here are some myths about websites that we have always believed in.

1. People read everything they click


Some metrics can confirm how many visitors a site has but not all the page that has been visited by the viewers are read. We are fond of clicking links that catch the attention of our eyes, but the truth is, an average viewer will only spend less than 15 seconds and then click on another site. Now, that is the reality.

2. High post shares mean a lot of reads


We’ve all seen a lot of trending posts on Facebook and other social media platforms. We’ve all heard people sharing or retweeting a post. Alright, the more shares a post have means, the more people your post can reach. However, it’s not entirely true that the posts with the most shares have content engagement with the viewers. Let’s admit it. People do share posts without even checking it out.

3. Banner ads don’t work


It is another myth. Banner ads may not be the strongest advertising technique, but it does work. It just depends on how you make use of it. Here’s the thing. The banner ads don’t work well with traditional brand advertising. The approach just needs to be more creative to be successful. It’s true that more than 65% of page viewers don’t pay attention to the top fold. The challenge is, how you can create a banner ad that people can’t resist.

Apparently, not all things we believe is true about the web. The creativity still holds the key to website success.