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L Cohen

Six Ways TPP Opponents Have Won—Even as Fast Track Advances

Unfortunately, the TPP fast track will soon become a law that will create serious setbacks to many positive movements. Once the American people are able ... Full story

Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Drinking Water Near Texas Fracking Sites

While the presence of cancer-causing chemicals are known to be used in the fracking process, a study has determined a Dallas-Fort Worth area’s drinking water ... Full story

Supreme Court Brings Marriage Equality to the Entire Country

The Supreme Court has ruled gay-marriage legal and a human right across the country. It is about time this constitutional right to marry occurred! Published: June ... Full story

Why Facebook Failed Our Censorship Test

  If you click around Facebook’s “Government Request Report,” you’ll notice that, for many countries, Facebook enumerates the number of “content restrictions” the company has fulfilled. ... Full story

TPP Is Not a Trade Fight—It’s a Fight for Democracy

he more we know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership the more we see what a raw deal it is for your democratic rights. It's time for ... Full story

Study shows the paw-sitive effects of watching cat videos

  Jessica Gall Myrick, Indiana University, Bloomington According to, a website about video marketing, there are more than two million cat videos on YouTube. People ... Full story

What's up in roofs? Metal growing in popularity

  (BPT) - It’s hard to believe, but the 2013-14 polar vortex wasn’t all bad. Sure, it brought North America record cold and snow, in one ... Full story

Sunlight Striking Earth’s Surface in Just One Hour Delivers Enough Energy to Power World Economy for Entire Year

  The solar breakthrough taking place around the world has Japanese and U.S. companies leading the way in solar cells manufacturing for both large and small ... Full story

Nabbing Financial Felons

  The government can't stop corporate crime until it starts charging the financial felons for the crimes they oversaw. It's time the banksters themselves feel the ... Full story

What's the real cost of that auto repair? How to know if you're paying the best price

  (BPT) - Do you take your car’s “health” for granted? Only when the check engine light comes on do you realize how important a fully ... Full story