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L Cohen

NSF’s LIGO Has Detected Gravitational Waves

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced the detection of gravitational waves by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), a pair of ground-based observatories in Hanford, ... Full story

Trump Wildly Inflates Unemployment

Donald Trump said he “heard” the unemployment rate was really 42 percent. It’s not. That figure would include retirees, teenagers, stay-at-home parents and anyone else ... Full story

Clinton’s Exaggerated Wall Street Claim

Hillary Clinton exaggerated when she claimed Bernie Sanders “took about $200,000 from Wall Street firms” through the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The DSCC did provide about ... Full story

Former L.A. Sheriff Agrees to Plead Guilty in Federal Court

After admitting that he attempted to cover up jail abuse while obstructing a federal investigation into his deputies, retired Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca agreed ... Full story

ISIL and Antiquities Trafficking FBI Warns Dealers, Collectors About Terrorist Loot

08/26/15 The FBI is alerting art collectors and dealers to be particularly careful trading Near Eastern antiquities, warning that artifacts plundered by terrorist organizations such as ... Full story

'They're Going To Kill Us!' Oregon Militants Panic On Live Feed As FBI Closes In (AUDIO)

"Come out with your hands up," the FBI called out to the mouth breathing Oregon militants still camped out at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, as ... Full story

New Test Can 'Smell' Prostate Cancer In Urine

New Test Can 'Smell' Prostate Cancer In Urine   Prostate cancer, after skin cancer, is the most common cancer among men. Early diagnosis is key in effectively ... Full story

Protect your investment money from being 'claimed' by the government

(BPT) - Imagine logging into your investment account to check on your mutual fund, only to discover the money you invested for your child’s college ... Full story

Landmark Claims Regal Cinemas a Monopoly

   (CN) - Cinema giant Regal Entertainment Group used its power as a near-monopoly to eliminate fair competitive access to commercial films, Landmark Theatres claims ... Full story

Coming Soon: Original Movies And Shows On YouTube

Coming Soon: Original Movies And Shows On YouTube   When the subscription video service YouTube Red launched at the end of October, its main sell was that, ... Full story