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L Cohen

Ben Franklin Manuscript Plot Thickens With Federal Probe

 MANHATTAN (CN) - In a new wrinkle for priceless documents, federal prosecutors unveiled a grand jury investigation into the alleged theft of a Ben Franklin ... Full story

Could this Dalai Lama be the last?

For Buddhists who follow his teachings, or to those who are simply drawn to his public message of kindness (“My religion is kindness,” the popular ... Full story

Clinton, Paul, Rubio: Three very different images of US foreign policy

Simon Reich, Rutgers University It is hard to believe. But the presidential election process has begun in earnest. Two major candidates have recently announced they are ... Full story

'Civilizing' the fractured relationship between police and minority communities

Michael Sierra-Arevalo, Yale University The video of a fleeing Walter Scott being shot in the back by North Charleston police officer Michael Slager is chilling. Scott ... Full story

The last two digits of a price can signal your desperation to sell

While someone’s bargaining position can be shaped by competition, we economists know that there is a big gray area in our ability to predict negotiated ... Full story

Gender Pay Gap in Clinton’s Senate Office?

The Republican National Committee chairman says Hillary Clinton paid women in her Senate office less than men. But annual salary data provided by the Clinton campaign ... Full story

Bostonians Could Foil The City’s Bid To Host The Olympics

  Just months after the United States Olympic Committee selected Boston as the American bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, exactly half of Boston-area ... Full story

NASA’s 3D printing chief Niki Werkheiser

  NASA are aiming to introduce 3D printers into spacecraft within two years, allowing astronauts to set up permanent habitats on other planets and even print ... Full story

The best DIY tips for renters that don’t bust your security deposit.

  Renters always have to be careful about decorating their apartments and not causing wall or floor damage when leaving. To avoid having your security deposit ... Full story

'Married At First Sight': Can Science Really Find Your Soulmate?

'Married At First Sight': Can Science Really Find Your Soulmate?   In childhood, we often chanted the popular nursery rhyme “First comes love, then comes marriage, then ... Full story